Welcome to the Coal Mountain Martial Arts (CMMA) Dojo

Established in 1993, CMMA teaches Karate and Kobudo that originated in Okinawa, Japan.  The Style of Karate is Seibukan Shorin-Ryu and the Style of Kobudo (Weapons) is Matayoshi Kobudo.  We also have Tai Chi for health.  The dojo is located at 3520 Gravitt Road in Cumming, GA.

The Coal Mountain Dojo is well known for training students from 6 years old and up with emphasis on discipline, character, confidence, physical and mental strength, and most importantly self defense.

We have trained more than sixty members to become National AAU Karate champions and five members have won gold medals in international competition. 

Our training curriculum begins with basic exercises to build the body and balance for students of all ages and physical experiences.  The training is ideal for youth, men and women because it's effectiveness is based on skill, rather than physical size.  

Beginning classes are taught throughout the week,  and can be joined at any time.