Seibukan Shorin Ryu



Seibukan Karate Do was founded in 1962 by Zenryo Shimabukuro (1906 ~ 1969).  He was the senior student of Chotoku Kyan.  He built his own dojo (training hall) in Jagaru, Okinawa in 1962.  He named his dojo “Seibukan” which means “the holy art school”.

In 1964, Zenryo sensei received his 10th Dan black belt from the prestigious all Okinawan Karate Do Federation.  After his untimely death in 1969, his son Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro succeeded him as the head of Seibukan Karate Do.

 Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro (10th Dan black belt) was born in Chatan Cho, Okinawa, on October 11, 1943.  He began his training in 1951 with his father. He has maintained the methods of Chotoku Kyan, which he inherited from his father.  He is the Supreme Instructor and President of the International Okinawan Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate Do Association, IOSSKA, which has branch dojos in over 18 foreign countries.  He is also the president of the prestigious Okinawa Ken Karate and Kobudo Rengokai.  The Coal Mountain Martial Arts Dojo is an official IOSSKA Charter Dojo and serves as the Headquarters for Seibukan USA. 

Seibukan Kata List

  • Seisan
  • Ananku
  • Wansu
  • Passai
  • Gojushiho
  • Wanchin
  • Chinto
  • Kusanku