• There is no better school if you want your child to learn true Okinawan karate.  - Michael Stringer - April  29, 2017

  • My daughter started Karate with a student of Coal Mountain Karate and Fitness back around 2006. She quickly progressed and began to directly train at the dojo around 2008. She has grown in discipline, skills, strength, and maturity over the many years. She has grown from a timid little girl into a highly skilled practitioner able to take care of herself. She has excelled in competition, achieving wins and learning from losses. Her entire life has been made better by Hanshi Smith and the entire Seibukan community associated with Coal Mountain and I highly recommend them. It is truly one of the best dojo's in America.  - Stewart Ewing - September 28, 2017

  • I could not ask for a better home dojo to be a part of! Twenty five years of training in the Coal Mountain dojo has made me a better person in ways I could never have imagined in the beginning. Thank you Sensei Smith for your dedication and hard work!   -  Ray Chaney  -  November 16,2016

  • I travel 4800 miles several times a year to train at Coal Mountain. That's how much I esteem the instruction there.  -  Doug Aoki  - November 16,2016

  •  5 stars .... (because they wouldn't let me do 6 stars) ... Hanshi Smith and his son Alan are a wealth of knowledge, technique, culture, history and the oral tradition of Okinawan karate ...  -  Biljac Burnside  - November 16, 2016

  • Its basically my second home! I love the traditional Japanese based atmosphere and discipline... Happy to have grown up in this dojo.  - Rebecca Ewing  - November 15, 2016

  • I consider Coal Mountain Martial Arts as the best dojo in Georgia and possibly the best in the nation. Smith Sensei has spent his entire life traveling between Okinawa and the states to bring the very best karate in the world to his students. You will not be disappointed and will immediately gain a family of loving and caring dojomates. You will also in time learn to defend yourself very well. Go check them out!   -  Mickey Brock  -  March 19, 2016